Tuesday, February 14, 2012

With My Valentine's

We made it safely down to Hvar, despite snow (on the sides of the road) the entire 12 hours getting here!

Split, the big city on the mainland where we cross to Hvar, had the first snow in 50 years just a few days before we arrived . Made us wonder what we would find on the island last night.

Driving off the ferry and seeing snow there too surprised us, as did the temperature of 32F!

But as we came through the tunnel to the south side of the island, the snow disappeared and we woke up to sunshine (though still on the chilly side) this morning! I realized how sun deprived I have been feeling when I took Kaylee out for a walk and just stood in the middle of the road letting it warm my face for several minutes while she anxiously tugged at the leash!

What a great Valentine's day gift to just walk and enjoy the sun with Dave, Caleb and Claire today!

Internet at the place we are staying is at a snail's pace so I probably won't post much this week. And anyway, want to enjoy these sweet days with my family!

Will try to post a couple of pictures, though am on yet another new program trying to make that happen and don't know if it will or not. Here goes!

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