Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Every Four Years

How could I miss a post on LEAP YEAR?!

I almost did...was up much earlier than I usually am so was going to head to bed early tonight. But thanks to my brother's timely reminder (thanks Mike!), I'll get in a quick post on this rare day. (Very cool photo from here!)

My week is full of preparations for our annual JV ladies retreat which starts next Tuesday, the 6th of March. Today found me in a couple places, buying a few treats for these precious ladies, as well as praying for each of them (photo is from last year's retreat).

Today also found me at the post office, mailing transcripts off to another college that Caleb is applying to. Yes, it's that's season of our lives! Caleb hopes to hear by April 1st, what exactly God has in store for him next fall.

We do know one thing that's ahead of him, and that is a summer of service at Gull Lake Ministries in Michigan. He just found out a few days ago that he's been hired as summer staff! If you don't know about Gull Lake, go check out their website. Our family is crazy about them and their ministry! Dave will be speaking there again this summer, June 23-29, so we'll even get to see Caleb for a week while we're still in the States.

Speaking of being in the's just 100 days until Tyler and Lara's wedding! These are busy, but happy, days for them as they are in school, have jobs, serve in ministry, and are preparing for a June 8th wedding. Can hardly wait for it!

And last, on this rare Leap Year day...a thought from a devotional I read today:

I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God has been making it grow.

The application that struck me today is how each of us have our place in God's work. If I do my part, and you do yours, God weaves it together in getting HIS work done!

I like doing my part!

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