Friday, February 3, 2012

It's Ready

Two days ago the main room in the new lodge at Malenovice looked like this.

And everywhere you turned, there were piles like this.

But by last night, it had been absolutely transformed and all that remained to remind you that it had been a construction site just 24 hours before was this!

Instead, the room was full of young people for a Fusion week-end. Thanks to Petr Bozon's vision to get it ready, and a lot of people's work to clean it up, over 40 young people descended on this beautiful lodge to spend the week-end.

It's a full two days of program...Thursday through Saturday.

They'll be rehearsing music, playing games, building relationships, and most importantly, hearing about the Lord.

Claire organized a 36 hour prayer watch for the week-end. There are still a few holes so go ahead and join in on praying for their time together!

Lots of people are involved in this week-end that you can be praying for, like Bogdan who leads Fusion, and has such a love for young people!

Caleb and Noah lead singing last night, and gave a small concert, and then Noah shared about his time in Superstar last year at this time, and how God is working in his life. It was a great start to the week-end.

Fusion is a lot of fun, and the kids have a great time being there.

But what we want most of all is for these young people to know Jesus! So join us in praying for a week-end of His supernatural work in their lives.

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