Saturday, February 11, 2012

Makes me Happy

Are there things in your life that just make you HAPPY?

The Fusion ministry in JV is one of those things for me!! I can't get the smile off my face after having been at a Fusion concert tonight with three different Fusion groups from Frydlant, Haviřov and Karvina who performed here in Frydlant tonight.

There are so many awesome aspects to the ministry - one of which is to give kids a chance to sing and play instruments in public...for FUN! 

There are no choirs or bands in high schools here so the only way you get that opportunity is if you go to the local music school and perform in a recital.

But Fusion is all about having fun, singing in a choir, and learning to play an instrument (one of the girls performing tonight had only learned the bass guitar two weeks ago!).

And there are also dance workshops in Fusion...

...that everyone gets a chance to participate in!

This was such a great dance number tonight by these guys!

Drama is also a part of Fusion and this group did a great job on their skit tonight!

Each group has their own style, depending on the leader and the ability of those who are playing instruments.

But the great part is it's a fun, loving environment where kids can not only express their gifts, or learn a new talent...but they also get to hear about the Lord on a regular basis.

That just makes me crazy HAPPY!!!

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