Monday, February 6, 2012

Will Miss These Days

After Caleb and Claire were done with school today we went into Frydek to have a new battery put in my car (see this post for why!).

What should have been just a fifteen minute "in and out of the garage" turned into more than two hours due to the high traffic of battery replacements in the shop...seems everybody's in need of a new battery given the extremely cold weather we're in right now.

Thankfully Tesco (for my American friends...think "Target") is right across the parking lot from the garage so we headed over there to make the most of the situation...wander around, do a little shopping, buy a few groceries, get a birthday present for my soon-to-be daughter-in-law (sorry no hints on what it is Lara!) and get coffee afterward.

They told us to return at 5 so we did...and waited another 45 minutes.

But as we sat in the fumes of new tires on display in the shop, talking, laughing and playing on our phones, it occurred to me:

I will miss these days in a very short while.

Caleb has less than four months here now. When we leave in June for Tyler and Lara's wedding, he won't come back until after he's finished his first semester of college.

Claire has just one year left of high school and then she too will be gone.

And before I know will just be me waiting in garages or wandering around at Tesco.

So for now, I'm soaking in these days with my kids.

Because it won't be long before I will miss these days.


  1. Oh my goodness, you're making me tear up over here! I didn't realize that Caleb wouldn't be back for the summer -- what an emotion-full time this summer will be for you. Thanks for the reminder that these days pass quickly -- I think I need to go kiss my sleeping kids!

  2. Ha ha, I'm all teary too! I'm thinking about all the times I choose NOT to bring my kids with me . . . deliberately! This post ALMOST makes me change my mind . . . but not quite. I still opt for a Tesco trip without my 4 in tow. :) Maybe that will change when they have their own phones they can 'play' on . . . . .