Monday, February 13, 2017

The Grand Beauty

Flying over the mountains, on our way from Phoenix to Wyoming, I could hardly wait for the first glimpse of her again.

And there she was, out the window of the plane.

The Grand Teton!

She delights and fascinates me every time I see her. I've heard she's quite a climb...and surely not one I'll ever make in my lifetime. But nonetheless, I press my face up to the airplane window to get the first glimpse of her whenever we go to Jackson.

Our plane had been nearly three hours late in arrival, but it truly didn't matter. I got to see her in all her glory at sunset.

THANK YOU LORD for creating something that so reflects your majesty.

Her beauty was there to greet me at sunrise this morning.

And then was on full display as we drove towards the mountains later on. It's been an epic winter in Jackson, so she's covered in lots of white right now.

Just a little ways down from where she sits in the mountain range, I dropped off these three for a day of skiing.

Sorry for the bright sunshine, Josh! :) 

This is the first time in twenty five years that Dave and his brothers have skied together! They had an awesome day on the slopes with each other.

It's so fun to share with them this area that we enjoy so much!

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