Friday, February 24, 2017

Off to Israel

What you can't see in this picture is another 25 Josiah Venture teammates on the plane with us!

This week we are headed to Israel with 52 JV staff where we will tour the Holy Land and listen, learn and talk about how Jesus made disciples. Along with a tour guide who will give us historical context, Dave will be doing the teaching this week.

Since our tour starts tomorrow at noon, and we couldn't get a flight into Tel Aviv early enough, we came a day early with some of our teammates. Everyone found their own accommodations and are just hanging out in the city for the evening.

We had the joy and privilege of hanging out with Mel and Amy on the day of their 19th anniversary of being Josiah Venture missionaries!!!

We love serving with these dear ones! They are faith-filled and faithful missionaries who have made a great impact across Central and Eastern Europe for the sake of Jesus.

It's awesome to be in Israel with them, and all our other JV teammates, this week!

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