Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Visiting a New School

This morning, Dave and I stepped into the chapel at Tyndale University College and Seminary in Toronto.

It is breathtaking! The walls behind the cross up front are made of tiny pieces of tile made which creates a beautiful mosaic. They told us that tilers (is that what they're called?!) came all the way from Italy in the 1960's to do it!

It sure was a special backdrop for Dave to bring the message this morning in chapel to this vibrant Christian college campus.

Although this was our first time on campus, would you believe we actually knew a student there? And not just ANY student! Sabine was a high school student at BMA, our kids' Czech high school in our town of Frydlant! And now here she is, a student at Tyndale.

When she heard that Dave was speaking, she'd written to him to tell him about how great her school was. And she was right! We so enjoyed our day here.

Not only were we here today, but also several of our JV staff and two board members from JV Canada!

We are hoping that Tyndale will become one of our partner schools, helping us to recruit interns for the summer and send short term teams over as well.

It was a wonderful first visit here, and hopefully we'll be back another time!

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