Monday, February 27, 2017

Full of Faith

We are in the midst of a Holy Land tour right now with a group of our Josiah Venture missionaries.

What a joy and privilege to walk in the steps of Jesus together with these people who desire to follow Him and ARE following Him as missionaries in Central and Eastern Europe.

We're on a delightfully grueling schedule (how's that for a description!) that doesn't leave a lot of time for blogging...not to mention that we haven't had great internet for a few days. So I'll leave you with just one thought I took away from one of Dave's teachings:

There is something about the power of Jesus, about "God with us". As we walk in His land, that truth is even more powerful.

Yet, often our tendency in every day life is either to forget that or to actually pull away from it. But the thrust of God's Word is the redemptive story of Jesus giving his life for us, and the FAITH it takes to believe him.

Without faith, in Jesus, it is impossible to please God.

Oh may I be found faith-filled! Not just in the days I walk in the land of Jesus, but every day, in every place I walk.

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