Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Best Day Ever

We received an unexpected gift last week-end.

Our Tyler, Lara and Judah (who live in Tennessee) were on their last day of visiting Dave's parents in Denver, which coincided with our last day in the States. What a treat to finish out our trip with a sweet connection with them!

One of these days, when the Lord blesses Tyler and Lara with all their needed support for moving to Czech to serve with Josiah Venture, we'll see more of this little fellow. But for now, these touch points with him mean so much.

I loved watching Judah interact with his great-grandparents. How cool is it that he got to spend time with them? And that they got to have time with him as well!!!

And you know the other cool thing?

Having Caleb and Haley drive down from Fort Collins to spend the evening with us! Family time is a treasure when you live long distances from each other.

And that's why this was the best day ever!

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