Thursday, February 16, 2017

Got A Glimpse

I had a half hour between meetings and activities this afternoon, so made a quick beeline for downtown Jackson.

On this bright, beautiful, sunny February afternoon, where the temps were just above freezing, it was so nice to walk around the town soaking in the sunshine and beauty of this favorite little town of mine.

After a quick walk, I drove over to our friend's classical academy where Dave led the faculty in a professional development discussion. And then we headed to our friend's house for the evening.

During these days in Jackson I've been hoping that I'd get a glimpse of something in particular. But with all the snow they've had this year, I assumed what I was hoping to see wouldn't be down around town.

But then, I got my glimpse.

Do you know what it was I wanted a glimpse of??

HA! Of all the places for him to be!

Don't worry, I didn't get out of my car. My pictures were taken while I was safely inside, with the window rolled down. I do know you're not supposed to physically get near a moose. But it just delighted me that I got a glimpse from my car.

And in such a funny spot!

So now all is well. I've gotten my glimpse of a moose in Jackson!

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