Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Sick Again

As many of you know, we have had a lot of health challenges with our kids through the years.

Today is no exception.

Caleb and Claire are home sick with two bad cases of strep. It's not the classic strep in their throats, but has advanced beyond that farther into their bodies...not a good thing really.
But there is good news!

Our pediatrician here has finally understood that something deeper is going on in their bodies, and that we need to get to the root of it. She has ordered cultures, put them on immune boosters (and antibiotic for the strep), and will vaccinate them against further infection as soon as they are well. Truly, this feels like an answer from the Lord!

We have way too many sick days in our house (and missed days of school) and I have been praying that God would show us what else could be done to work on building up their immunity this school year. I was so encouraged by our doctor yesterday when she began to take action.

For now they are quarantined here at home...not because they're contagious to anyone else (they're on antibiotics) but because she feels like it will be better if they have as little contact as possible right now with "outside" bacteria. So we're here at home this week. We've downloaded a few audio books, stocked up on good food, and settled in for a week of "sick days".

Even though this is JV Fall conference week and it means I won't be up there as much as I had planned, God is good and I trust Him with this change of plans. We're atually having a happy time together (even though they don't feel very well) and I expect to be surprised by God's care for us all this week.

Pray for healthy bodies!! Pray for a healthy and loving mom to care for them!

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  1. Hi Connie,
    Thank you for the comment on my blog! It's encouraging to know that people read it and praying. I will hopefully have the chance to update it in the next few days before I leave for England!
    I heard about Claire and Caleb when I was at the Ellenwood's. I'm sorry to hear that they are sick...especially during the JV Conference. But may God use it for His purposes!
    Hope they feel better soon!
    Love, Jennie