Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Living By Lysa

From where I sit at my computer, in our house, in the farmlands of Lubno, near Frydlant nad Ostravice in the Czech Republic...I look out my window to Lysá hora, the highest mountain the Beskydy range.

I see "her" every day that I'm here at my computer, watching her change through the seasons. I never get tired of this view, and thank the Lord every day that I get to enjoy it!

It seemed appropriate to name my blog "Living By Lysa" since that sums up the life I'm living here in this part of the world.

Of course life is much more complex than just living here, but there are days that I like to imagine that it's as simple as just "Living By Lysa"!

Thank you for joining me here on my blog, a place I want to capture this life we're living.

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