Friday, September 8, 2006

Caleb's Book Report

Sometimes I am amazed at the interesting opportunities that our kids have to bring spiritual matters into their classrooms. One such opportunity happened today for Caleb.

School just started on Monday for the kids so this has not been a significantly academic week for them as they've just settled back into the routine of things. But one teacher decided there was no time like the present to hand out book report assignments for the Fall. She was reading a list of book possibilities outloud and came to "The Bible". At that point she looked up and said, "Caleb, could you do a book report for us on the Bible?"

When I picked up Caleb at school that day he told me that she'd asked him to do the book report, but not only was due on Friday. He was to be the first one to give his book report for the year!

He spent that evening and Thursday evening working on it...good thing he's already read the book!

Today in second hour he gave the report and sent me an SMS (stands for "short message system" - otherwise known as text messaging in the States) to tell me he'd finished it. I wrote him back and asked him how it went. This was his reply:

"Good. But they talk about the Bible like it's a fairy tale. It really bothers me. And especially cuz some kids seem really interested. But then she talks like people only believed in it when there wasn't any scientific explanation for like the beginning of the earth and stuff..."

And so it goes here. It's definitely an uphill climb in terms of moving people towards taking the Bible, and spiritual matters, seriously.

But still...I think it's great that his teacher asked him to do the assignment and that he did it first thing in the school year! Oh and by the way...he got a "1"...otherwise known as an "A"...for the assignment. The first "1" of the year!

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