Thursday, September 28, 2006

Airing Exit 316

Four episodes of Exit 316 have now been aired on Czech Television!

We have statistics from the first three episodes that tell how many viewers have watched either the Wednesday evening show, the Friday afternoon or the Saturday morning (at 4 AM!) show - you would be surprised at how many people are up at that time watching!

1. A different dimension - total viewers: 101,600
2. Love - total viewers: 125, 200
3. Friendship - total viewers: 111, 500

What this doesn't include is those who are viewing it on the website of Czech Television. Several thousand people are going on to watch it there as well.

The episode "Conflict" aired last night - here is the link if you want to watch it. It was very powerful!

If you are interested in the subtitles for it, I have them! Leave me a comment, or jot me a note by e-mail to let me know!

Tyler said they had their most interesting discussion last night at his small group. A new guy was there who was at English camp this summer and is now working at Malenovice. He continues to ask a lot of questions about the Lord and spiritual things, and told the youth leader that he is seriously considering becoming a Christian. However, he wants to make sure before he makes the decision that he is ready to be fully committed. Please pray for "M" as the Lord seeks Him, and as he opens his heart to the Lord.

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