Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Exit 316 Stories

Exit 316 stories are already starting to pour in...and it hasn't even premiered yet! That's tomorrow. But for today, here are a few stories of what's happening.

  • A Salvation Army leader from Opava called Petr H to say that a couple of his people were at the training over the week-end and came back so excited about Exit. He said, "We want to start 5 evangelistic small groups. Can we get material?" Petr said, "When do you need it?" Salvation Army guy said, "Tomorrow...that's when it starts!" Petr said, "I can't get them to you that fast in the mail." S.A guy said, "Can I drive down and pick them up?" Petr said yes! He got in the car and drove 2 1/2 hours one way to pick up the materials so that he'll have them tomorrow night for their small groups!
  • Petr's mom works at a grocery store. She took a stack of the flyers about Exit to work with her. Every person that came through she talked to them about the program. She's never been able to talk to people about the Lord but the fact that this is on television made it very easy. Many of the people have young people and almost all of them are having problems with their kids. When they heard the show was focused on issues young people face, they said they would make sure their kids watched it!

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