Friday, December 31, 2010

Last Day

If there is one word that describes my heart on this last day of 2010, it's THANKFUL. This has been a year full of God's care, mercy, goodness, provision and love. Take a quick look back with me... Krakow for our first ever JV marriage conference. God richly blessed this time for all our JV couples as they soaked in God's Word, spent quality time with each other and made changes in their marriages as God led them.

March...a very meaningful retreat in England for our JV single women that I was privileged to be at with them

March...Caleb developed a rapid case of pneumonia and was hospitalized for nearly a week but after great care in the Czech hospital, recovered.

March...Dave is unusually sick for a week with the flu, which leads to finding out he needs open heart surgery. Crazy turn of events! And yet at every turn, God led and cared for him.

April...I had the privilege of going to the States to speak for the Grace Church of DuPage ladies retreat which was a delightful time for me...then went on to visit my parents in Oregon by myself for the first time since before having children! Flew back to Chicago, assuming I'd continue on home but ended up being stuck for a week due to the Icelandic volcano that blew! Had extra time with Tyler at Moody, which was a blessing!

May...Dave has open heart surgery that is successful, spends a month at home in recovery which was actually a very sweet time! My best friend from the States came during that time and we had some wonderful days together in the midst of all that.

May...Tyler comes home from Moody to spend the summer as a JV intern in Croatia - we were able to meet up with him at the end of the summer for our annual camping vacation in Croatia. to Gull Lake Ministries in Michigan where Dave spoke for a week - definitely one of the highlights of the year for us.

August...the gift of our Croatia camping vacation for the 8th year in a row with our dearest friends and family

September...a delightful trip to Romania to speak at a girl's conference and an absolutely awesome JV fall staff conference centered on studying God's Word

October...Claire turns sweet 16 and celebrates with a ball on her birthday (for the dance class she was attending!)

November...Dave breaks his ankle at our JV Thanksgiving celebration but has it taken care of in at the local clinic in town for $2. So thankful for Czech insurance!

December...the day before my parents were to fly here for Christmas, my dad goes to the emergency room with heart trouble and finds out he needs a pacemaker implanted. They put it in the very next day. So thankful for God's provision and care for my dad, even though it meant they weren't able to come. spite of a change of plans, the Lord blessed us with a very meaningful and sweet Christmas together.

There are certainly many more stories I could add to this list...but these highlight the goodness of the Lord in 2010. I'm excited for all that He has for us in the year to come!


  1. My New Years Resolution is to somehow get a mention in your 2011 highlight list!

  2. Glad to be able to read about your family. Praying for Caleb.
    Jeff and Karen Wall