Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I Love My Ducks

Born just one block from the University of Oregon campus, it was inevitable that I would grow up to be an Oregon Duck fan.

Actually...you really can't live in Eugene, Oregon WITHOUT being one! Seriously...being a Duck is taken very, well...seriously!!

I went to U of O games when I was young, spent my freshmen year of college there, worked in the concessions for football and basketball games, sold U of O merchandise for the university at the local mall, and have cheered on the Ducks from afar for years.

And it finally paid off!!!

The U of O football team is undefeated this year and going to the BCS bowl game (the most prestigious college bowl game in the country, I might add!) against Auburn on January 10th!!!

I have a JV friend who is an Auburn alumni...so of course my Ducks better pull through or I'll be eating humble pie for a while!

GO DUCKS!!!!!!!