Monday, December 13, 2010

My Dad

Thanks to so many of you for notes you've written and prayers you've prayed for my dad. It means the world to me, and to him.

It's Monday morning...the one I had been looking forward to for a while - when the kids were in school and Dave was at the office, and it was just my parents and me here at home for the morning having coffee together and talking. But they're not here and the reality is, it's sad.

The good news is that the surgery to put in the pacemaker went well and my dad's heart is beating steadily now - probably for the first time in a long time. The doctor said this problem, and its resolve with the pacemaker, could actually be the answer to some other problems he's been experiencing. What a great gift that would be to my dad, and all of us, if it's true.

He spent two nights in the hospital but was able to go home on Saturday afternoon where he's been resting since then, and will continue to for the next weeks. When he's feeling better, they'll think about rescheduling their trip out here for this spring sometime.

We're readjusting to what these days will look like now that my parents are not coming. Somehow the Lord has something different for all of us than what we'd planned for this Christmas. Knowing the Lord and His ways, it will be a blessing to all of us, even though it's different.


  1. I a sad for you and also happy. You are a great inspiration to me!!

  2. Sorry for the heavy disappointment that this has brought and yet the opportunity to shower your love and hugs on our kids that are coming. So thankful that your dad is doing good and they are looking at coming in the spring. Nice weather. Coffee will taste good then also, just a little longer to anticipate the joy. Love you.