Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Two years ago when we discovered that Caleb, Claire and I are all gluten intolerant, we gave up, among other things, bread.

At first it was hard - we missed sandwiches, we missed toast in the morning. We missed all the good bread that's available here in Czech.

I tried my hand at making gluten free bread but given the lack of available, unusual ingredients necessary, I pretty much gave up any hope of having bread on a regular basis, and we've just learned to live without it.

Enter...DM! What is DM you ask? My favorite drugstore in the Czech Republic. And why a post about DM today?

Until a week ago, the nearest DM was in Ostrava - a 35 minute drive away. They carry a limited range of gluten free products which I stock up on when I'm in town.

But last Friday...a new DM opened up right here in our little town of Frydlant! Honestly, I've been so excited as I've watched it being built this fall...I could hardly wait for opening day. And yes, you better believe it...I was there on that very day in spite of a snowstorm!

The best news though?? They carry an awesome gluten free bread that was never even available at the other DM!!'s not just any old gluten free bread as we've found out...believe me, I've had some bad ones! But this one tastes, toasts and looks just like real wheat bread.

Sometimes it's just the small things in life that count...and today I'm thanking the Lord for DM and its Rustico gluten free bread.

Sandwich anyone??!!


  1. Yes! This bread is so good! I am reminded of the first time we got our toaster and we went a little crazy about toast...we're doing it yet again! It's like we've never had toast before and that it's a big fancy specialty! Ha!

    Love your blog, Mom!

  2. Connie--that's so fun! We've discovered that our little Caleb is allergic to soy, dairy, nuts, gluten, and chocolate (at least for now). Having the right options is so important--I'm so excited for you!

  3. Mom will be happy when they visit you next week...So will Dad!