Thursday, January 20, 2011

Celebrating Caleb

I woke up to an 18 year old in the house today!

Eighteen years ago in Schwetzingen, Germany, Caleb was born. We were living there during a transitional year between our ministry with OCSC/Malachi and Josiah Venture.

We'd moved back from our year in the States in November of '92 and then just two months later, Caleb arrived!

My mom came to be with us, and Dave's family lived there at the time...his mom and dad, sister and her family. So Caleb was surrounded by family and friends after his arrival...something that he still loves to this day, being close to family and friends!

We love his passion, his heart for God, his thirst for adventure, his joy in life, his wittiness and laughter, his musical abilities, his tenderness and kindness, his courage and boldness.

We are celebrating him today, thankful for the gift he is to our family!