Saturday, January 29, 2011

Whirlwind shopping

Anyone who knows me knows I like to shop.

But these past three days have taken my shopping skills to a whole new level!

My mom, dad and I have literally shopped for 8-10 hours these past three days. Oh we do stop for a few minutes to eat now and then, and get coffee at Starbucks (my dad is so sweet to treat me each time!). But most of the time, we are driving from store to store, town to town, diligently shopping the aisles, and making lots of purchases for the cabins.

One of the big items on my list is furniture. In fact, it's one of the main reasons that I came to the States to do shopping. What you can get here in the US is so much more than what we can get in Czech for the same amount of money.

What I didn't realize though is that much of the good furniture has to be ordered. As we've gone from store to store, the answer is always "That'll be 6 weeks", or "You'll have to wait 8 weeks on that order". Not the answer I need since our container is due to ship in 2 weeks or so!, we hit the jackpot where furniture is concerned. We met Gia at Rife Furniture here in Eugene!

Gia is a "yes" person...a "make it happen" kind of girl. Just the sort of person I needed today... my new friend who was the answer to our prayers.

Working with us for several hours, she was able to put a rush on, and give us a great deal on a whole lot of furniture that is actually manufactured here in Oregon and will be ready in just two weeks! Praise the Lord! And THANK YOU GIA!!

I sure couldn't be doing all this work without my mom and dad, who are patiently hanging with me on this whirlwind shopping trip! My dad is especially patient as my mom and I run in to "just one more store". It's a good thing he brings his iPhone and a book to keep himself amused!


  1. Yay! And your dad looks sooo good since his surgery......:o)

  2. not only do you post on your blog in all this busyness, but you take PICTURES too??! You're awesome, Mom! :) I'm so glad you found the furniture!!