Sunday, January 30, 2011

All in a Day's Work

Shopping has been a full time job this week. In four days I counted up that we've shopped for over 40 hours.

But we're making great progress...someone must be praying!

I ended up having to extend my stay here to finish though...just couldn't get it all done by today, when I supposed to be leaving.

My dear husband and kids...they're kind enough to make it at home without me a few more days. I will fly on Wednesday, arrive home Thursday night. Then Dave leaves for two weeks to the States Friday morning. Sigh. Ships passing in the night!

While I love my adopted country in Czech, there is nothing like shopping in the States! Here are a few things I've really appreciated on my marathon shopping adventure:

  • "Yes, we can get that for you" - shop people are so helpful!
  • "No we don't have that item...but if you go down the street, turn left, and see the store on the corner, I think they'll have it" - sales people go out of their way to help you!
  • "Can I make a call on that for you?" - retail clerks go the extra mile to help you out
  • "Is there anything else I can help you with?" - sales associates bend over backwards to be of assistance
  • "You're doing this for a ministry? Let me take another 10% off for you" - salesmen are philanthropic, whether or not they are believers have no idea what a joy it is to shop in the States. Not to mention that there seems to be a perpetual sale on everything!

Also, I can't say enough about my family who have endured this marathon with me. Yesterday, my brother, Mike, joined us for eight hours of shopping. Mom, dad and I were all starting to get a bit weary and bleary-eyed, so his fresh, upbeat perspective (and muscles for lifting things!) was much appreciated yesterday! It's been really special to share this experience with them.

We're getting close to the end of my list...hope to finish today in fact. Then tomorrow I start preparing things for shipment in the container...wrapping literally hundreds of items in bubble wrap to protect them all for the voyage across the ocean...that ought to be fun!
Above all, I hope that all the items we're shipping to Czech will be a blessing for years to come as people come to stay in the cabins at Malenovice. That it will create a warm environment where they will feel the presence of the Lord, be drawn into relationship with Him, and move forward in their spiritual journey.  


  1. Great picture of you and Uncle Mike! Is that at Panera?? :) That soup and salad looks so good! :) And yes, there are perks to shopping in the States. Sales are for sure one of them! ;)

  2. so glad that everything is going good and that through the hard part of shopping it was fun too and being with your family. have fun wrapping up everything and getting it ready to ship

  3. I'm glad I've got some of those France genes in and uncle Mike look grreat! :)