Monday, January 17, 2011

Teaching at Selah

Last week, Tuesday through Thursday, Dave had the privilege of teaching some of our JV staff at Selah, our new JV retreat house here in the Beskydy Mountains.

Because many of you pray for us and stand with us in our ministry here, I thought you'd enjoy reading a letter that he received yesterday from someone who was there.

It blessed me to hear how God used that time in her life. And it blessed me knowing that these are the kinds of things that happen here thanks to your prayers and God's work in people's lives.

Dear Dave,

I don’t know even how to express what these last days meant to me. I have learnt so much, and the Holy Spirit was showing me the truth about myself. And I am not going to slide it between my fingers. But keep it in my heart and work on it!

Today I have a day of solitude and going through all the materials again, but from the morning God was showing me two things.

First was that it is such a privilege...when you are showing us all the books you read and so many years you’ve been working on this and you offered us your knowledge all in two days. I wanted to express my gratitude and I am honored to hear and learn everything you discovered and God showed you. 

I’ve been thinking that you and your family, you could decide you live anywhere in the world, like Uruguay. But you moved to Czech and we have this blessing to be taught by you. This just stopped me for a second and made me thank God.

And last thing for now are such an opposition to the devil and all demonic forces that I nearly felt like you are in danger - so I decided to pray for you and your family especially for this thing.

Again, thanks to God for you and to you for willingness to be used.

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  1. You're keeping up with your blog SO well these days!! Inspiring! Thanks for taking me up to Selah with you today to take these pictures. It was a treat. These mountains are beautiful.