Saturday, January 15, 2011

Saturday Morning Drive

Caleb was out of the house at 8:15 this Saturday morning, off to yet another round of driving for auto skola, driving school.

He turns 18 next Thursday so is working hard to get in all his hours so he can take the test on Friday and hopefully pass to get his Czech driver's license!

No one can have a license earlier than 18 here. And then, in order to get your license, you spend 2-3 months in driving school. First you're in the classroom, learning the rules of the road, first aid, and light car mechanics.

Then it's out on the road for a total of 30 hours of driving with an instructor. Caleb's instructor comes to pick him up at our house each time, which is convenient! They usually drive for an hour and a half, all over the valley and into nearby cities where we live.

Next Friday, Caleb goes at 7 AM to take the written exam. If he passes, he immediately goes with his instructor and an examiner for the driving portion. If/when he passes (which we're assuming he will!) he then waits three weeks for the license to be mailed to him.

That seems to be a crazy glitch in the system since you've worked so hard to remember everything right up to the exam...and then you have three weeks of no driving to potentially forget everything!

I'm excited to have Caleb driving on his own of those rights of passage that we've all been looking forward to!

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