Saturday, August 6, 2011

Fusion Camp

Although we're in the midst of packing to leave tomorrow, we took this afternoon and evening to drive a few hours from here to see the closing concert of a Fusion camp, the music ministry of JV.

Truly...I hardly have words to describe what it was like to be there.

Terry and Hana English, JV missionaries (he's British, she's Czech - read about them here!) head up this amazing music ministry - one of the four "highways" that we use to reach young people with the Gospel (English camps, media, music and sports are the four highways...and this is the only picture I could find of's tiny, but at least you can see their faces!)

"Fusion" is a means to reach out to un-churched youth through rock/gospel choirs and performing art groups. There is nothing like this in the schools here so it's a unique niche to reach a unique group of students.

At week long camps, students learn to play keyboard, guitar, bass, drums, as well as participate in photography, drama and dance workshops. Each evening, like at our English camps, they have a program where the Gospel is shared through a series of talks, and kids have an opportunity to share their thoughts and ask questions in discussion groups afterward, with believers who lead the groups.

The camp ends with a concert for parents and people in the community. That's what we went to this afternoon. And let me tell've never seen anything like this! It's just beyond words...especially tonight as it's fresh in my mind. All I can say was a powerful, moving experience.

But...the very best part of it is that THIRTEEN young people trusted Christ at this camp!!! And around 25 made commitments to walk more closely with God!! This is astounding in our part of the world.

We are PRAISING GOD for his movement in the hearts of young people here in Czech!

And praising Him for a few other things is a dear Romanian girl, Mirela, that I met while at a girl's conference that Amy, Laura and I spoke at last September. I wish I had time to tell you her story, how she got to this's one of those "only God" stories. But I just want to say...I have never been so moved by someone who plays the drums...this girl has so much passion for Christ and it comes out so beautifully as she plays! I can't help but wonder what God has in store for her as she uses her gifts for Him.

We're also thankful that Caleb could be a part of this camp. He taught the bass guitar class, among other things at camp, and had the opportunity to dive into the lives of some Czech guys...this being one of them.

And we're so thankful for the team that one of our supporting churches sent: Christ Community in Batavia, IL. Wish I had a picture of the team, but they were all busy after the concert, saying their good-byes and loving on people one last time. THANK YOU CCC team!!!

Our hearts are full tonight as this summer's camps have come to a close. We're so thankful for all those who came to serve here this summer, and for all the lives that were changed for eternity.

Living here in the midst of what God is doing among this young generation is such a privilege!!

And now we're off on vacation! Not sure when I'll get to post again...we'll be camping for ten days, and then at JV Kid's camp for a week. Lots of happy days in front of us!

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