Friday, August 5, 2011

Packing Mode

After a full week of ministry and life, we're in vacation packing mode today!

Ever since Claire was just two years old, we've spent our vacations camping. Out of the past fifteen years, twelve of those camping trips have been in Croatia!

I remember the first year we decided to go,  I had no idea what I was doing. I packed a little bit of food, some plates and utensils, and a tiny grill...we didn't even bring a table! What was I thinking?? We ate on the little table inside our vans, in shifts....watching all different nationalities around us camping in their styles. I think we looked pretty funny to all of them! :)

But we had an amazing time together. Those are some of our happiest family memories! It was just what we needed then...and still is what we need today.

I do bring a few more things on vacation now (ha! That's an understatement!), and we've vacationed with two other families for the past nine years, which makes us all happy!

Just about every year we've been on vacation during my birthday, which I really like. And this year I get to celebrate my 50th birthday in my beloved Croatia...truly one of my favorite and happiest places on earth!

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