Sunday, December 29, 2013

Patty Family Reunion 2013

It started here, with these two precious people.

And so far, has grown to here!

We are the Patty's, Schroeder's and Cain's, the children, grandchildren and great-grandchild of Dick and Margaret Patty.

We've had such a special week of family reunion, being together here in Denver with everyone, including these amazing aunts and uncles, the four original Patty children.

Who, together with their spouses, have given our family these precious children!

The days have been filled with much joy in the home of the Schroeder's who hosted our family reunion. THANK YOU! It was absolutely delightful to be in your home each day of this week.

Truly, what a gift to have a week all together. I soaked in and treasured the moments of each day as much as possible, receiving from the Lord the good gift of "family", both with the extended family and with our own kids.

As I write it's 4 AM and Dave is off to the airport taking Tyler and Lara who fly to Chattanooga this morning to be with Lara's family. It's been really special to have lived under the same roof for a week with our kids! Thankful that Tyler and Lara could be here this week, and so glad we get another two weeks with Caleb and Claire before they return to Chicago.

Josh's family, who live in Slovenia and serve with Josiah Venture there, will head out to Washington later on today to see Kristi's family.  So thankful for each of them, who weathered a week of sickness during our family reunion with the most amazing attitudes and spirits. Well done dear ones!

And Steve, loved and adored by his nieces and nephews: "Thank you for calling out the artist in each of us this week!" He led the family in an unforgettable experience that will forever characterize this family reunion (see HERE for photos). I love that he thought we all could do it!

Although we are at the end of this rich time together, we leave so deeply blessed for having tasted the goodness of the Lord displayed in each of these family members: ordinary people who know, love and serve an extraordinary God!

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