Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Finishing the Year

What to do on the last day of 2013 when in Colorado?

Yep, take a little road trip!

It was stunningly beautiful here on this last day of the year - a "no coat" kind of sunshiny Colorado day as we headed out to Boulder to...

Take the Celestial Seasonings tour at their factory!

We made it there just in time to get in on the last tour of the year. After picking up our free tickets for the "honey vanilla chamomille" tour (so designated by the bag of tea they handed out for our "ticket"!), we enjoyed numerous cups of free samples while we waited for the tour to begin.

They definitely know how to draw you in, that's for sure - with about eight freshly brewed teas to choose from, we loved the wait as we downed numerous cups of delicious tea!

After a short film, we headed right onto the factory floor and fully enjoyed the sights and smells of their tea processing plant. The mint room alone is quite an experience - makes your eyes water, and your sinuses clear right up!

I would totally go again when I'm back in the area. Some girls in our group said it was their eighth time to visit and I understand - it's a happy place, that makes you want to go again to drink and savor some tea!

We finished out our New Year's Eve with dinner over at Dave's mom and dad's house tonight. A sweet way to finish up 2013!

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  1. What a perfect way to end the year! I was looking to make sure Claire was in the pictures since I knew this was "her kind of place," only to be happy when I saw her head peeking through the little template picture thing! So fun! Love you!