Saturday, December 21, 2013

Guest Posting: Day in Patty History

I, Claire, am writing today. 

This may not seem like much at first sight. But the reality of what is happening behind those windows is more meaningful than words can describe. 

Those are my brothers working behind the counter of Joe's, the Moody campus coffee shop. 

Not only do they make coffee, but they also give me the biggest smiles when I see them between classes, or after a long day at school. This is all about Tyler and Caleb though.

These two have been working together for a year and a half now, and their last shift as a team was on Monday.

The end of one chapter is here, and the the next is just beginning. Tyler graduates from Moody this semester, and will no longer be working at Joe's. Caleb will continue working with other baristas, but nothing will be the same as working with Tyler! They've had many an hour of serving people, crafting coffee drinks, practicing latte art, talking theology, laughing, and being brothers behind the coffee bar.

I have been so blessed by having Tyler and Caleb work together. Because Tyler took an extra semester at Moody, he was there for the beginning of my freshman year. I often saw both my brothers when I walked into Joe's, and that made me the happiest!

This is a big event in the "Chicago Patty's" history. Thankfully, Tyler and Lara will still be in the city, but things will be different.

Everyone was there for the last few shifts - Lara, Haley (and her friend from Colorado, Molly!), and me. We all had bittersweet feelings, because Tyler did finish really well at Joe's. Still, no one likes good things to end.

Good thing this isn't goodbye!

Tyler will continue to work in the "coffee business" at Intelligentsia, which is down the road from Moody. I'm sure he'll be visiting us when he can, and we will for sure pop in to see him as often as possible!

But Caleb and Tyler...

...You guys are the best Joe's baristas!!

I'll miss seeing your faces there together.


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