Saturday, December 28, 2013

Family Excursion

When in Colorado, you can't resist a trip up to those glorious Rockies! Which is where we headed as an excursion for family reunion yesterday.

 A nice long car ride gave us great time with each other as we headed up into the mountains.

Where to? Quaint Breckenridge!

It could not have been a prettier day as the sun sparkled on the snow covered mountains.

So very fun to walk with these precious ones!

And take picture after picture of these lovelies!

In the meantime, the guys scouted out a spot to have their fun...a rousing game of broomball in the snow!

They drew a crowd (even more than adoring wives, daughters, moms, and nieces! People stopped to watch and take photos!) as they played right on the main street in an empty lot!

We cheered them on as they fought a good fight, and for breath up there at nearly 10,000 feet!

Perfect afternoon activity for the guys!

And for the girls? Well, a little fudge just hit the spot on a wintry day in the mountains with people we love so much!

These are precious days together...don't want it to end! We've got just one more to go. Soaking it all in!

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  1. I love the idea of broomball in the snow! I've only ever played on ice. I think it would be much safer in the snow.