Thursday, December 19, 2013

Finishing Up in Chicago-land

There hasn't been much time for blogging in the past week, which means two things:
  • We've had a lot of incredibly special times with people across Illinois, Indiana and Michigan
  • We're almost finished with our time here in the Midwest

On Friday afternoon, Dave and the kids (at what ages do you stop calling them "the kids"?! By kids I mean Tyler and Lara, Caleb and Claire) head out by car to Denver. They'll be seeing a lot more of these scenes as they make their way across Illinois, Iowa and Nebraska before coming into Colorado.

Since our car only seats five passengers, I'll be flying to Colorado on Friday afternoon - missing out on all these beautiful farm scenes. (Hey, someone has to sacrifice, you know?!)

 I'll get in Friday night, while they're driving through the night. Pray for safe travels for them, please!

They will arrive sometime on Saturday, hopefully just in time for our niece's rehearsal dinner on Saturday evening! Her wedding is Sunday evening, which kicks off a week of Patty family reunion at the "homestead" in Englewood!

In twenty six years of marriage, this will be the first time that the entire family (mom, dad, the four Patty kids and all their families) has been together for Christmas.

Yes, it's going to be rather epic! And I hope there will be some blog posts somewhere along the way to commemorate this special occasion.

In the meantime, we've got to wrap up things here in the Chicago area these next two days as we won't be back until April. I don't know how the time went by so fast, but it sure was a great time here!

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  1. I so wish I was going to be in CO to catch a glimpse of Patty's/Schroeder's running back and forth between the houses. It was a common sight from my childhood. Can't wait to see pictures and hear the stories. Much love to you all and Merry Christmas!