Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Yet Another

Caleb endured yet another colonoscopy and endoscopy today.

When I asked him how many he's had in the past ten years his quick reply was, "I've lost count".

As we expected, they found nothing in these tests, though took tissue samples for biopsy. But most likely there won't be any news from that either.

However, the good news is that the specialized tests at the Chronic Abdominal Pain Clinic, ones he's never been through, are coming next week, starting Monday.

Charlotte, the scheduler (and new best friend!), was able to get all the necessary doctors and specialists lined up in order to make next week a "go". Thank you LORD!!

When Dave asked the nurse in the clinic how often they end the four day testing with results she said, "Almost always". That's sweet news to our ears! Oh may it be so for Caleb as the pain continues as intense as ever.

Since Caleb is all done with testing for the next five days, he and Dave are driving up to Gull Lake (four hours from Cleveland) this afternoon where friends are graciously allowing them to stay in their home for those days. If Caleb feels up to it, the Camp Director said he's welcome to join the worship team again, which would bless Caleb if he's able to.

If not, he has a peaceful setting to rest in, and friends to be close to for a few days.

Dave has been an AWESOME dad these past days...and now needs to get a little work done! :) So he's hoping to just hole up and work out on the back deck overlooking the lake.

Pray for strength to endure the pain these next days, for some rest for Caleb, for connection with Gull Lake friends, and for peace as we all wait for next week's tests.


  1. Continuing to pray for you all... It sounds so very very difficult and painful :/ Thank you for too for your updates!

  2. Caleb may be in pain but he does it in style! Looking good Caleb and praying for swift healing!