Monday, July 2, 2012


If you have said goodbye to a child, launching them out into life, you know how we feel right now.

Happy. Sad. Full of anticipation. Full of grief. But oh so glad he's walking with God and has chosen faith for himself. Couldn't wish for anything more than that!

It's what we have parented towards. And it's what we dreaded...first with Tyler three years ago, and now with Caleb.

Goodbye. That's what we said to him on Friday as we left Gull Lake. I am SO thankful to my Gull Lake friends who were praying us through that moment. We needed God's loving care to see us through.

We all cried. We all hugged. It was "take your breath away" sad, and yet so very right, all at the same time.

After an amazing week of sweet times together here and there in the midst of family camp (which was an awesome time!), we drove off, leaving Caleb for the rest of the summer to serve at Gull Lake.

It's not that we won't ever see him again. But it was the close of one chapter...the "family of four" chapter that we have soaked in the past three years.

Closing that chapter is hard. No denying that. But at the same time, I wouldn't want to hold him back. He is right where the Lord wants him to be this summer so I truly rejoice in that.

We took one last photo of this chapter, and then watched him walking down the familiar road at Gull Lake, heading into all that God has for him this summer.

And for the rest of his life!

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