Thursday, July 26, 2012

Reviewing the Case

Dave and Caleb had the first appointment in the GI Clinic at Cleveland Clinic hospital yesterday morning, just seven hours after Dave had arrived. Praise the Lord that Caleb is now in their system.

He is scheduled for testing early next week, but they are dual tracking him and working with another section of the GI clinic in order to seek answers as quickly as possible.

The head doctor in that section will be reviewing Caleb's case today (he only reviews on Thursdays). Everything they heard about this doctor is encouraging...from his bedside manner to his ability to get to the bottom of pain.

Will you pray that he would take on Caleb's case? One of my prayers has been that a doctor there would feel compelled to dig into his situation and hang on until he gets it figured out. This doctor is certainly skilled to do that.

I loved talking to both Dave and Caleb yesterday, knowing that they are together. And that Dave, as usual, is using his gifted-ness in perseverance to see this through for his son.

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