Tuesday, July 24, 2012

In The Air and On The Way

Dave left for the States by train this morning, headed to Prague. He caught a flight to Frankfurt, then  another to Dulles and eventually one last flight into Cleveland tonight, arriving just before midnight. He'll pick up a rental car and then head to the hotel near Cleveland Clinic where Caleb will be.

Caleb leaves from Gull Lake in about a half hour, being driven by the wife of the director of the camp. So thankful for the Wallace's and their amazing care for Caleb these past days. They have been awesome stand-in parents.

His pain level is pretty high and he slept 15 1/2 hours last night.

In spite of that, he led worship last night with one of his good friends on staff there, who will be taking over worship for the next few weeks.

Daniel, the director, led in a time of prayer over Caleb afterwards, which he said was very meaningful to him.

Caleb told me on the phone this afternoon that God gave him the strength to lead worship one last time, as well as go to the staff meeting afterward where he said goodbye for now. By the time he got back to Wallace's, he said the pain was very intense though. But I know it meant a lot to him to be able to finish well.

Some dear friends of our from Wheaton called yesterday after I sent out my update, to tell us that their son is doing his residency in ER at Cleveland Clinic. Really??!!! Not only that, but that he and his wife would house Dave and Caleb. So they'll be staying with them from Wednesday on. What a very good provision from the Lord!!

These next 48 hours are crucial. Praying the Lord will guide them through the system quickly and get to the doctor and help that Caleb so desperately needs.

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  1. A 20someting young man from our church just returned from the Cleveland Clinic after a ground breaking surgery where they removed his pancreas and then took his islet cells and transplanted them into his liver so he would still be able to produce insulin and not be a type 2 diabetic. Only a few of them successfully done at this time - and he was one. All the Doctors here in Rochester (a huge medical town) and lining up to see his progress and read his charts. All of them just rave about the incredible staff and cutting edge technology at the Cleveland Clinic.

    I talked with his Mom today at my job at the church and asked her about Cleveland Clinic and told her about Caleb. She said that what they appreciated most was that the staff listened - really listened to the YEARS of doctors & emergency room visits & drugs & failures & people saying their son was making it up.....listened and asked their input and really worked to find out what was happening.

    Their son had an acute attack when he was awaiting a test and the doctor called them into the room and said, "What has worked best to stop the attack at this acute stage?" and then ordered exactly what they said! They were shocked because so often they were in hospitals asking for help and no one would believe them or listen to what they felt he needed. So she told me today to pass on to you that they will LISTEN and ASK questions and then really go searching for what they can do. And they have some great medical tech sitting there that can pull of medical cutting edge stuff.

    So from one Mom to another Mom - Caleb is going to the best place we know of at this time and sounds like will interact with some great people who love a challenge and will care for HIM and believe HIM and work to find out what is happening in HIM.

    Will continue to pray for peace and assurance for you as you wait from afar.