Tuesday, July 10, 2012

No Comment

Some news source (that I can't remember at the moment) does a segment called "No Comment" during their broadcast. It's a great concept of just rolling footage with no comment to let the images speak for themselves.

Too bad I can't do that! Me, no comments? Not going to happen!

These past weeks have been full of such sweet times, with such dear people, and such memorable moments. Though I can't go back and capture it all, I at least wanted to post a few pictures to remember what all has taken place since I last blogged.

I've been on ATV's, had my fingernails painted by a five year old, square danced, been to Old Faithful in Yellowstone, had a lot of happy times with Dave and Claire, driven thousands of miles, seen gorgeous scenery, worn cowboy boots, had two of the best lattes ever in Cody, WY and Glenwood Springs, CO, and been to the top of a 12,000 foot pass. Yes, it's been random and eventful!

But in the midst of it all, I have been overwhelmed with God's presence.

That's really the comment I want to make about all these photos. He's been so near to us each day of this trip. It will remain one of my lasting impressions from these six weeks here in the States.

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  1. The Cowboy Hat and Boots on you are PRICELESS!

    Did you tell Claire about the trip to Yellowstone Park with Grandpa, Grandma and Mom when we were kids? Good memories of that!