Sunday, April 26, 2015

Roadside Delights

One crowning touch to spring's arrival: my favorite road-side flower shop is open!

Driving back from Ostrava yesterday, the happy sight greeted me, between Frydek-Mistek and Frydlant, for the first time this spring.

Local flower growers from a nearby town set up shop in their building alongside the road from now until early fall. I can't get enough of seeing all these beautiful flowers!

It's hard to remember how long they've been coming. But I've been a loyal, faithful customer of theirs for many years now.

Even if I don't stop, it makes me happy just driving by when I'm on my way home from somewhere. They've got the best balcony flowers, herbs, and rock garden plants, all for the best prices. If you're from around here and haven't stopped, you should!

Of course when the flower shop opens, the fruit stand does too. Only this year, there's a big's no longer in a tent, but rather in a lightly constructed building that was built over the winter. Big changes around here! (Smile!).

And last, but not least...need a gnome? A plastic swan? How about some round, shiny yard globes? You'll find it all next door at the market for garden kitsch!

Now that these three stands are open, I can really say spring has arrived.

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  1. But will they still sell those huge watermelons from Slovakia?