Thursday, April 9, 2015

Chance Meeting on the Road

Look who I met today!

I saw her years ago when we first came to vacation on Hvar. I don't know why but quite honestly I always wished I could see her up close...she's just got a sweet look about her, don't you think?! (I love an animal with character and personality)

Well today was my happy day! She came walking along the road with her owner and I actually got to talk with him and find out a few details about her.

Want to take a guess at how old she is?

Sokolnice (at least I think that's her name) is thirty two years old. Hard to believe, she looks so good!

Her owner told me that her favorite thing is chocolate milk (!!) and that it's ruining her teeth. That just made me giggle!

She was a sweet old gal, and her owner was so kind and enjoyable. I wish we could've talked more as I would've loved to have heard his and the donkey's story.

But it at least made my day to finally get an "up close and personal" with this sweet, good-natured, endearing animal.

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