Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter Hope

The sunny Easter mornings of my childhood in Oregon were nowhere to be found yesterday morning!

But snow has come to define Easter these past few years here in Czech and honestly, I don't mind. There is something peaceful and glorious about it.

After breakfast at the hotel with our church family, I drove back down to Frýdlant to pick up someone for church. By the time we came back, the skies had cleared and we were treated to a different view as we walked up the hill. Aww, that's a little better!

For many years now, we've had our Easter service here, celebrating with guests staying at the hotel, friends and family from the area, and of course our own church members.

Bogdan, Martina and the group they assembled for worship did such a fabulous job leading us in praise and worship. Loved every minute of it, and could've sung for an hour!

The hotel staff prepared a beautiful space to celebrate and worship in...

And my heart was full of joy as we gave praise to our resurrected Savior.

Dave preached a powerful and passionate sermon, one of the best Easter messages I've heard him give! If I find the link to it on our church's website, I'll put it here later...for all of those who speak Czech! :)

The sun made an appearance after church so families hurried out into the cold for a few photos.

Our dear Jonny and Lisa Lobel, who lived with us years ago, serve with BMA in Frydlant, and are a precious part of our lives...and their kids too!

I found these daffodils blooming outside the hotel, working so hard to poke their heads out from the ice and snow. It reminded me of how it's possible for life to bloom amidst difficult circumstances, even when the conditions are bleak.

This is hope.

And where is my hope? In my risen Savior!

"My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus' blood and righteousness. 
I dare not trust the sweetest frame, but wholly lean on Jesus name.

On Christ the solid rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand.
All other ground is sinking sand."


  1. Snow! Haha. What's weird is that I seem to recall warmer Easters when I was little. Has it gotten colder over the years?? I'm excited to be back in these mountains in a few months! :)

  2. Love that picture of you and Dave. I didnt know you guys do breakfast together before church! I love that!