Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Getting Perspective

I am going crazy trying to write this blog post!! All I want to say is what a beautiful day I had in Prague...without having to think of perfect words to explain it!

Why is this so hard? Because I've been in editing mode for two weeks and all I can think of is "you should say it better than that." Yes, that's where my brain is at these days.

I needed to go to Prague today for a completely other reason (a good one I'll explain later), but what came in addition to that was some fresh, much needed perspective.

Normally when in Prague, I'd take a route I've taken a hundred times, which would include the Charles Bridge for a glimpse of the castle. No trip to Prague is complete for me without seeing that jewel.

While I did see her today, it wasn't from my regular vantage point. I didn't want to fight with the masses of tourists already in Prague (as they should be! It's such a gorgeous city to visit. But I didn't want to be part of that crowd today).

Instead I took the Mánesův bridge and headed up the back way to the castle and into the gardens.

Absolutely blessed by a warm spring day, I could walk, think and pray nearly by myself up there. I saw only a handful of people the whole time I was in the garden.

It was so nice to get my head out of the computer and enjoy the beauty. For a long time I watched the bees flitting from blossom to blossom, gathering their nectar.

And stood, mesmerized by this carpet of blossoms.

Then just sat, with my feet dangling over the edge, looking out at this view.

And the Lord and I talked. For a long time. I needed to talk to him, and I needed to hear his words back to me. It couldn't have been more perfect as I soaked in his love, grace, mercy, kindness and instruction.

Some days perspective can be found at home. But other days, you have to go away to get it. Today was one of those days.

Everything is not solved or perfect. But ...

I'm at peace. And that's worth a lot. SO very thankful for a wonderful, warm, spring day in Prague where I could get perspective.

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  1. I must be your daughter, because this is exactly something I would do too! :) So glad you had this day in our beloved Prague.