Sunday, April 12, 2015

Thankful for Hvar

It doesn't matter the month, season or even time of day...I never tire of seeing Hvar. Long a family vacation destination, it holds so many special memories, both in the town and on the island itself.

Here to spend time with our dear friends, Ellenwood's and Hash's, I still soak up the sights and sounds as if it's the first time.

Though we've been coming here for years, I marvel at, and enjoy, the beauty of this place.

And love capturing moments like these: two little guys, having a great time fishing at water's edge! It won't be long before the riva is filled with yachts for the summer, making it impossible for them to share such a boyish moment. Glad they're out there while they still can be!

Tourist season hasn't started yet so there are still mostly just fishing boats in the harbor. I love seeing it that way.

For the townspeople, it must be refreshing to have a normal Sunday where mostly it's just family and friends meeting up for time together in the evening, rather than having the square packed with all the people who come throughout the summer months (which often included us!).

I feel happy to have the streets to myself this evening too!

While everyone else was busy, I wandered off to take photos at what we call "golden hour"...the moment before the sun sets, when everything has that magical glow to it.

Looking up...and down the same staircase!

It was absolutely quiet, except for the sound of seagulls as I went to take a photo of this cool looking door...

And then a nano second later a whole group came barging out of it and startled me like crazy. But at least I got the photo!

As the sun set over the island for another evening, I thanked the Lord for this dear place that means so much to me. It's hard to describe why, but it's just a place that brings my heart and soul much delight, joy and rest. I'm so thankful for Hvar.

Thankful for the people I get to share it with, and for its beauty!

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  1. Oh , my dear, how beautiful is there!!! I love this atmosphere in low season... wish to be there one day... I´m happy you are in your Croatia! enjoy each moment... Love Ingrid