Friday, April 17, 2015

Home and Starting the Next Phase

After ten hours in the car by myself yesterday, I'm safely back home in Czech.

Why by myself when I was just with these dear ones for breakfast at McDonalds yesterday morning?

Because I dropped Dave, Mel and Amy off at the airport in Zagreb, Croatia before driving home alone!

They are all headed to the Global Youth Initiative Israel Summit, a conference and tour of the Holy Land for disciple making partners with the GYI movement worldwide. They'll be there for the next two weeks with participants from over 50 countries.

I had lots of time in the car to think, pray and enjoy spring as I drove through Croatia, Austria and Czech on my way back. After heavy traffic much of the way, it was a relief to cross over the Czech border at Mikulov which always feels like I'm nearly home, even if it's still several hours before reaching Frydlant.

But last week was so refreshing, spending quality time in Croatia with our dear friends. My heart and soul are happy!

What's ahead while Dave's gone?

The editor who's been working on my book for the past few months just finished the whole manuscript. So now it's my turn to go through all her edits. I've set aside this next week to buckle down and go through it all, line by line.

I'm excited to begin this part of the process. Although I don't know exactly how time consuming or difficult it will be since it's my first time to work with the editor, it's satisfying to finally be moving forward on my book project again.

If interesting things occur to me along the way, I'll definitely blog about it!

But if not, know I'm buried in the technical aspect of getting a book finished. Whoohoo!!

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