Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Running and Curfew

How I love that these two are running partners! 

Claire came over this afternoon so that she and Dave could go for a run, before it got dark (which is happening earlier and earlier these days). 

Days of sitting inside, "going to" Zoom meetings at our computers, take a toll on all of our bodies. So these two have been trying to get out for runs together when time permits. 

Today is a significant day here in the Czech Republic as tonight a curfew will be imposed in hopes of breaking the climb of coronavirus that's taking place here right now. We have the greatest number of new cases of anywhere in Europe, per 100,000 inhabitants. That's not an accomplishment to be proud of. 

Claire will have to leave before 9 PM, as it's at that hour when no one (except essential workers and medical emergencies) will be allowed on the road until 5 AM tomorrow. This curfew will be in effect for the foreseeable future. 

It's great that Claire lives in a little town just ten minutes away! She can leave at 8:45 PM and make it home in time!

We are all making the best of these pandemic days.

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