Thursday, October 29, 2020

Painting for Joy

All stores, except grocery, pharmacy, gas stations and drugstores, are closed indefinitely now as the Czech Republic is in the middle of the second wave of COVID-19. 

Cases are climbing. We had 15,000+ cases two days ago, and yesterday was almost 13,000. That's in a country of just 10 million. 

While I don't mind working from home (it's my usual), I decided I needed to take a step forward towards doing something else at home for the sake of joy. A package arrived today to help me with that step!

Last month I did my first oil painting and was hooked. I've had a feeling inside me for quite a while that I could paint, so it was thrilling to try it and see how it went.

So I went online (since no stores are open) to see if I could find an easel to set up here at home to work from. Amazon in Germany came through for me!

It's now upstairs in our grandchildren's playroom (where I have art supplies for them too!), and I'm looking forward to making progress on my second painting. 

That's the sketch of a new one that I did a few weeks ago, from a photo I took not far from our house,

I'm kind of nervous to dip my brush into the first color of oil paint and take a stab at seeing where this painting goes! But everybody has to start somewhere. So if I make enough progress on it, I'll keep you posted.

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