Wednesday, October 21, 2020

To The Airport

While the weather is still beautiful, I headed out this afternoon on a walk in our neighborhood. 

I used to walk this path much more when we still had our sweet little Kaylee dog. I do miss a walking buddy like her on days like this!

We're heading into stricter lockdown these days, and in fact, the malls close tomorrow so we're nearing the kind of lockdown we had in the spring (without the borders closing and travel restricted...yet). Grocery, pharmacy and drugstores will still be open. But all other stores, small and big, will be closed for now. 

We had our highest number of cases yesterday - 11,984. For our country of 10 million, that's an awful lot in one day. 

A number of our JV teammates right here in Czech are in the middle of their bouts with Covid, having come down with it in these past few weeks. One of our Czech missionaries lost his dad a week ago to it. He was just 61 years old, with no underlying heath issues. 

It's sobering.

Our tiny little airport at the end of the road was busy with planes today, taking off and landing, though no one was here to watch. I was thankful to just sit, without a mask, and enjoy something normal.

One day this time of difficulty will be just a memory that we'll talk about from time to time. 

For now, we're doing what we can to live well, walk with God, and pray for the well being of those around us, knowing that God is working in this difficult time, and about things we can't yet see. 

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