Thursday, October 8, 2020

Birthday in Hukvaldy

What a glorious day to visit beautiful Hukvaldy.

And best of all, it's a special occasion for this dear one!

I brought Claire here for coffee and French macarons to celebrate her 26th birthday!

We made our way to Ráj na zemi, an absolutely lovely cafe and hotel that just opened a few days ago here in Hukvaldy, after being closed for two years to reconstruct and renovate. 

It is so charming, and best of all, there were people of all ages here this afternoon, enjoying it along with us!

When we gave Claire her name 26 years ago at her birth in Schwetzingen, Germany, we knew that her name meant "bright" and "clear". How fitting that name is for her today! 

She is a bright light for the Lord, and seeks to live her life clearly before Him in ways that bless people around her.

What joy to celebrate this beautiful woman of God that we were entrusted with all those years ago! She's definitely a treasure, and I loved celebrating her here today.

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