Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Renovations at Malenovice

Before we knew the world was going to be in the midst of a pandemic this year, we made the decision last year to shut down Malenovice this September and do a renovation project through the fall. 

The plan had been to close right after our fall training conference in the last week of September, and open again in time for our JV Academy in mid-January. 

We didn't end up having fall conference in person; we don't know if we'll have Academy in person either. But nevertheless, despite corovavirus, the renovation is on its way!

It's a multi-faceted renovation, beginning with the expansion of our kitchen facility. 

It's being enlarged and refitted to increase meal capacity for the day when we have our event center down below. 

The renovation continues out into the dining area where we're creating a new breakfast serving area, along with incorporating in a new coffee and snack bar.  

We're also increasing our seating capacity by putting in a door here, basically through the middle of these windows.

This will lead to seating out here, in a new enclosed terrace!

There will be changes at the front door of the hotel, as well as the reception desk; changes will happen in this part of the dining area too.

It's a huge project, but one that will allow the ministry of Malenovice to expand and serve more people in the future. 

The view will of course be the same outside: beautiful as always!

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