Saturday, November 21, 2020

Bonfire with the Boys

This has been such a beautiful fall, with clear skies and sunshine many days, instead of wet, dark and rainy like it often is in November. 

Can you spot anyone in the skylight windows?!

Tyler, Lara and the boys came over for a "put the garden to sleep" day, and a "help Papa in the yard" afternoon, which included dragging branches out to the field behind us in preparation for a big bonfire.

You know how some things just catch a boy's fancy? This was it for Judah!

While Papa cut down some dying trees...

...Judah dragged innumerable branches over to the pile for him. It was really the cutest thing to watch him working so hard. And he didn't want any help with it!

My job was to simply untangle the branches and get them ready for Judah to pull or carry over. 

Oh and take pictures of it all! 

Papa was the branch "piler", getting it all ready for the fire. 

Once the match was lit, what else was there to do but bring out the lawn chairs and enjoy a good fire?!

As it got hotter we moved the chairs back and got some pictures as the sun began to set. The mountains were almost the same color as the bonfire!

Asher had come out to join us, ready to participate in a good bonfire tradition. Can you guess what that might be??

The time honored tradition of marshmallow roasting! 

Lara had brought a bag of giant sized marshmallows for this very occasion, that she'd found in Ostrava. 

The boys, Dave and myself roasted SO many as the sun went down and we enjoyed the warmth of the fire.

It was a magical afternoon, and on into early evening as we stayed close to the fire, enjoying its beauty and our time together.

I sure love getting to make memories with these sweet grandsons!

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