Saturday, November 21, 2020

Grandparents in Oregon

Last week I wrote about Caleb and Haley, our son and daughter-in-law, being back in the States on Home Assignment after their first term of ministry with JV in Albania. They're visiting family, friends, supporters and their home church in Fort Collins, Colorado.

This week they're in Oregon visiting my family!

My mom and dad met Charlie when he was just 8 months old. So they're spending time with quite a different little boy this week!

And they're spending time with Jenna for the first time since she was just born this year, in February, and it's her first time in the States to meet everyone there.

It is the sweetest to see my mom with her great-granddaughter!

My brother, Mike is meeting both Charlie and Jenna for the first time. It looks like he and Charlie are bonding!

On one of their days in Oregon, they all took a trip to the Oregon Coast, a place we try to see every time we're there. I'm so glad they could introduce Charlie to that special place in our family!

Because we can never see too many pictures of Haley and Jenna, just had to include this one back at my mom and dad's home!

My mom said Charlie was always up for a "photo op", which means there are some pretty cute pictures from this time they all had together!

These are forever memories being made right now with all of the grandparents in the States!

Soon they'll be off to see Haley's grandma and grandpa in Iowa, and grandma in Florida! 

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